Of Invitations and Giveaways

First off, I wanted to make sure to tell y'all that I am doing a very fun giveaway tomorrow on my blog- make sure to stop by and drop your name in the hat for a very cool product from one of my fellow etsy shops!

What is it? Oh, wouldn't you like to know! You must come back tomorrow to see! :)

*insert evil laughter here*

Secondly, I wanted to invite all you local peeps to this:My friend Whitney of Pikl Paper is designing the graphics for the "journey pack" backpacks, so you KNOW they're gonna be super cute.

My awesomely talented friends that are in the kitchen are cooking up all sorts of yummies, I think Adam of Act of Congress is going to be doing the music, we've got some sweet people leading the groups and doing childcare, and of course, the gifted & experienced Walk Thru the Bible staff leading us through the Old Testament.... (oh, and I'm doing crafts, so that should be fun!)

it's gonna be good times, folks!

Check out our facebook event or go online to the website to learn more!

(Registration ends on June 24th, so hurry!)


  1. It looks like an awesome workshop!

  2. That Walk thru the Old Testament is GREAT!!!! You'll learn so much! (or at least remember so much! lol)

  3. aww you're so close and yet so far! we're state neighbors! (georgia) And secondly, are you Presbyterian too? You don't meet many in the south so I always get excited!


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