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We’re getting into the really yucky heat of summer here in the South, and combined with the pregnancy, I am NOT digging it at all. I’m not a “summer person” to begin with, and with this extra person snuggled up in my belly, it’s making for a uncomfortable combination. I’m just waiting for the swelling to start in earnest.

So I’m content for us to keep to home most days right now, stay cool in the A/C, and sneak out for the occasional Happy Hour @ Sonic (hey- you can’t beat 3 small and 1 medium grape slushies for $2.98!).

Below is a layout I created for a new challenge up at Noel Mignon- I was inspired by an idea that my friend Deanna told me about, and I made a “Shabby Chic Bingo Card.” The challenge is to pick one row, column, or diagonal, and create a layout based on the descriptions in the squares.


funny faceshabby chic bingo card 

I made this with the newest kit available from noelmignon. It’s my very favorite yet!

It’s called Five Foot Two (and there are only 5 left!):


And you can’t have that without Eyes of Blue!


Such a fun assortment of stuff to play with!!!


I’ll leave you with one final picture from our daily life (and a proud mama moment).

Emerson has always been a little fashionista, and I’ve been trying to train her to take care of her clothes. She loves helping fold them and put them away. Usually I help her, but the other day I sent her to do it on her own, and this is how I discovered her drawer:


She’s only 4!!! I am so impressed by her! :)


  1. Wow, her drawers are straighter than mine! Impressive!! I'm totally in stay home mode too, I swell up just looking out the window. Bah...

  2. Wow! That is awesome! She did a fabulous job!

  3. great layout - very fun idea!! that would be fun to do at a crop! love that miss em is so organized at such a young age. cole takes after jason and his clothes are crammed in the drawers, i'm not sure why i fold them at all. mine on the other hand - are crammed in neatly - and folded and not at all a mess!!

  4. love the layout!

    can emerson come teach bryce how to keep his drawers like that? his look like a tornado went thru them!

  5. Way to go, Em!

    Those kits are super cute!!


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