Ladies' Luncheon Table

Last Saturday at our church, we had a ladies' luncheon during the missions conference. A number of the gals at church volunteered to host a table (myself included). We were responsible for decorating our table and making sure everyone at our table was taken care of.

This is my table. You know me, as in my scrapbooking- when in doubt, add more stuff. ;)

I had such a blast getting to sit and talk to other women without the kids crawling all over me... like, I had whole conversations without being interrupted and everything!

(In case anyone's interested, the napkins that doubled as placemats are from the party supply section at Target. They have a matching cloth line of linens that match - but not the napkins for some reason. I'm in love with these colors and the shabby chic pattern on it!

I also made the little napkin ring pom poms out of tissue paper, using Martha's tutorial. I changed the dimensions to about 5"x8" when cutting the tissue paper for them, and I used 8 sheets of tissue paper. I also discovered that if you cut 2 small notches in the center of the accordian fold, where you are going to tie the string or wrap your wire, it helps them to pull apart for the "petals" easier... hopefully that makes sense! They were really easy and fast once I got the hang of it... I am thinking that I might make some of the really big ones to hang up in the girls' room.)


  1. I think your table looks beautiful and so you! I've actually been to a luncheon before where ladies dressed tables like this with their on china. It was lovely. Hey, I clicked on your church and I am PCA as well. Not that it really matters but I just thought that was cool. I grew up Sbaptist and so PCA was a huge deal for me. LOL! But I have got to say I have learned so much about what and "why" I believe it. Sorry, I am just excited about our church. I love that it is a teaching church.
    Well, the blog looks lovely. Hope you take me up on helping you with it one day. Now that I am going back to school I hope to learn even more about how to design them.

  2. your table is so pretty. i saw them on your facebook. i love the pompoms. if you make big ones take pics and post them. i would love to see what they look like in the grils room

  3. What a beautiful table. Are those Nancy Drew books there in the middle? I so love those and have a collection on my bookshelf. I am hoping my daughter will love them as much as I did.

  4. The table looks fab V! Glad you had a great time!

  5. oh such a gorgeous table!! you did an amazing job! i'm so glad you got to sit & chat some- it is such a luxury to have even a few minutes of adult conversation- & i only have 1 kiddo LOL ;)

  6. Pleased to see this table decoration. I want such decoration ideas for my sister’s bridal shower. I will host a fun brunch party for her at domestic outdoor Seattle venues. Hey, if you have some more ideas for garden themed shower then please let me know.


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