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I was going through my photos on my computer today, organizing them, and I found these funnies I wanted to share, mainly because I'd threatened my cousin that at some point, they would surface on the internet. ;)

(btw- side note- how do you organize your photos? Mine are by subject- for example, main folder "family," then each member of our immediate family gets a folder, and within that one, folders for "everyday," "special events" "friends" "with emerson," "with atticus," etc... it helps me to organize them this way, because I usually search for a photo by who's in it. Plus, Vista has a handy way to sort them- once I"m in, say, Em's folder, and I know I want a photo I took in July, I can click on that month in the calendar and it'll only bring up those photos... I got this idea of organization from CK a few months ago and I really love it.)

Yikes. That was a total ramble. It's kind of late here and I really shouldn't be blogging after a mind-draining day like today with the kids.)

So anyways, here are the photos I found that made me smile today:

We were looking at my cousin's hair, and thinking- gee, it's awfully cute. Ginge had the idea of fixing it up a little. hehe
So cute. Almost like a Spice Girl.
OMG! LOL!!!!111!!!

Also, in that same batch of pics, us teaching my Grams how to throw up a Southside gangsta sign.
We told her she needed to look more tough.
I can't wait to scrap these. I love my family. :)

Oh, and p.s. Those pics up there were taking at the beginning of December... by Christmas this is what my cousin's hair looked like. I wonder if we traumatized him. hee hee

I know. He's a cutie. And good with kids, too!


  1. These are great! What fun it will be to make them into layouts!

  2. Uh oh! Watch out, Gretchen's brothers, Virge's cousin has hit the scene!

  3. had to comment today!!!..lol about your grandma doing the southside gangsta sign...hehehe...just shows that age is just a number, it does not determine who you are and how you act...

  4. Too funny! I organize my pictures by year and month. I have been meaning to start using a photo software that will let me tag them (like picasa) but just haven't gotten around to it.


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