Wrapper's Delight

Wow. What a weekend! So many things to remember, so many good times.

This weekend was the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. I think the attendees had a blast... it was a good balance of good ol' scrapping time, classes, and activities. You felt like you could get projects done, but when you wanted to get challenged or new inspiration, it was always available!

Some of the things I want to remember:

-My fabulous "students" in my classes. They make it so fun for me. I really had a great time chatting with you all about Christmas traditions (and racing to the other room to win prizes!).

-Getting to hang out with *ALMOST* all my favorite peeps. (I do have some favorite peeps that were not there this weekend. Sorry for my faux pas!) ;)

-Finding out I had a "Secret"-Secret-Santa. It really made me feel extra special. Thanks Carol!

-Seeing Laura pop in to enjoy the wonderfulness that is the AccuCut machine. Four hours later, I think it was true love for her. ;)

-Getting to help put goodies in everyone's cute stockings. I loved these! Grandmary did an awesome job making those.

-Seeing all of the generous donations from scrappers and scrapbooking companies for the Silent Auction for Operation Christmas Child. WOW I am sad I didn't win any of the ornaments!

-Getting to know Anna Bess (start a blog!!), Jennifer, and Michelle... and everyone else I chatted with this weekend!

-Setting out the "Gallery" for the Holiday Soiree. I seriously dig doing stuff like that. PLUS I had some pretty awesome stuff do display. I am surrounded by so much talent.

I know there is more, but here is the slideshow I made of my pics of the weekend. :) I had a blast. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make it happen, thanks to all of our AWESOMELY generous sponsors, and thanks to all the attendees for coming to our event! A special shout out to Fancy Pants for sponsoring my class- I loved creating that album with their cute products. :)


  1. Just wondering how you got to hang out with ALL of your favorite people when I was not there.
    Now this weekend, you can hang out with all of your favorite people.
    Looking forward to seeing what sort of goodies you have this year!!!

  2. i was looking through you slide show. it looks like lots of fun. on and the pic of your bro on the guitar(that is your bro right?) he looks just like atticus. or atticus looks just like him.

  3. I'm so glad you made this slide show, I was too tired to focus on getting pics of all the cute pink paislee ornaments...

    I wonder if anyone noticed that I didn't change clothes the entire time. Can you believe I washed the sweatshirt, and am wearing it today!!! I'm such a loser :)

  4. I had so much fun taking your class! I can't wait to add photos to my new fav Xmas book :) Glad I got a chance to meet you. And I think you started a new cardboard addition in me! lol

  5. It looks like a wonderful time. As a proud Texan, it is not common for me to wish I lived in another state. But, I wish I lived in Alabama to be near this great place!

    Linda B.

  6. Very good pics!

    I had fun all over again, just looking at the slide show!


  7. It looks like everyone had a great time. I hate that I couldn't make it.

  8. looks like it was such a blast! i wish i could have been there...then i could have gotten to hang out with you and most of your fave peeps, who are probably most of my faves too ;)


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