My house

Overheard last night...

Emerson: "Atticus! Get out of my house! I gotta clean up! It's getting CRAZY in here!"

(I wonder where she's heard that before?)
(Em in her "house")

And just for silliness' sake, I was on the computer the other day and Em hopped in the room saying "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

This is what I saw.

Pirate shoes, she told me.
Reading her treasure map (aka send home sheet from Sunday School.)

(These pics are all straight out of the camera- I didn't have time to edit them this morning!)

Coming soon- silliness from Atticus and Sabriel. We have plenty of it going around.


  1. LOL! I love it. First she is a bum living in a cardboard box then a pirate. She knows how to move up in the world. She is so pretty too.

  2. We live in Leeds.

    Just last night, my kids (6 and 4) caught part of the news story about the pirates off the coast of Somalia.

    It took me 10 minutes to convince them that there ARE NO pirates in Leeds, and they had nothing to be worried about.

    Thanks for blowing my story.


  3. Thanks to little Em. She made me laugh out loud. The shoes. It was the shoes.

  4. Uber cuteness! Do I see a scrap LO coming???

  5. Your kids are just the best! :-) Adorable!

  6. so so cute! love the no filter part of kids:)


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