Somebody's got a case of the Mondays

The yard sale went okay, although some of our clientele were very.... oh heck, I'm not going to say it nicely- weird and annoying.

My goal with the sale was to make enough to get Emerson her coveted Cinderella costume for Halloween (we had mostly junk for sale, so I was keeping my hopes low for the amount of money we would make), and we made that goal and a little more, so that part was good.

I had some old stuff of my brother's for sale, including 3 computer towers, an old printer, and a monitor. Ginge had a few computer things too, like a keyboard and a mouse.

We had this one family come to the sale who wanted to haggle about all the prices. I know that's to be expected at a yard sale, but when your prices are already like, .50 for each item of clothing, it's kind of annoying, but whatever. I really just wanted to clean out all of this stuff from my garage.

Anyways, so the mom in this family has brought up these clothes and is trying to haggle with me. She's going on and on about how hard it is to afford things these days, how expensive it is, and how she's going to have to go home and wash all these clothes and what hard work it is... so I'm like, ok- .25 for each thing. I just wanted her to move on to torture some other yard sale people. And also- go listen to some Dave Ramsey, lady, because if your total of $4 is really going to break the bank, maybe you guys shouldn't be yard saling.

Then she proceeds to unload a bag of items she's collected from around the yard sale... mostly new beauty products and shampoos and the like. She asks me about EACH one, what it is, what it'll do for her, if it'll make her break out, if it's good for her hair, etc. etc.

Do I look like I work at a pharmacy?

After she decides she doesn't want any of the 20 beauty products that she has brought up, they pay up and leave, but not after her husband has asked me a couple of times about the computers. I just wanted to get rid of the computers (and that family by that point!) so I told him - $5 for the computer. He just kind of ponders it and they drive off.

He comes driving up a little bit later, wants the computer, and I tell him sure... but he wants it ALL (all the stuff I listed before) for $5. Whatever. Take it dude. One less thing I end up donating to Hannah Homes at the end of the day. I tell him that I don't have any of the cords, I'm not sure what programs are on the computer, etc.

A little bit later, lo & behold, mom-lady comes BACK (count 'em folks- this is the 3rd time). She rolls up and says, "There aren't any cords with the computer." I reply back, "Yes Ma'am, I told your husband that when he bought the computers."

She lurks around, looking for more stuff to buy, while Ginge mutters to me, "Do not let her haggle any more prices."

I stay firm on the last few things she buys, and they leave. I sigh a breath of relief... the yard sale is almost over, and we can be done dealing with these crazy people. I've made enough for Em to get her little Cinderella costume and for me to get some organizing baskets for some shelves, and that's fine with me.

Fast forward to 6:30 that evening. Kids are in the tub, Shaun's in the kitchen, Sabriel's crawling around... I hear, "Honk. Honk. Hoooooooooooonk. Honk. Honk. Honk-honk."

I look at Shaun. "Is that coming from our driveway?" He peeks out the window and nods.

I go to the door and look out.

Are you kidding me?!!!!!!!!!!

The dude is back!

I go reluctantly outside and ask, "Can I help you?" (You rude jerk that can't even get his heinie out of the car and knock on my door!)

"Yeah. I need the password to sign on to the computer."


I call my brother, who of course doesn't remember... all the while thinking, dude. The computers (that was two computers that he bought, a monitor, a printer, a keyboard, and a mouse) were FIVE BUCKS. What do I look like, the Geek Squad?

I give the guy the possible password that might not work, while telling him that they were my brother's computers and he's not sure if that's the right info, etc.

I'm not sure how to end this post. I keep thinking of snarky things to say... but suffice it to say, it might be a long while before I have a yard sale again.

Oh, and just for the curious, if they guy does ever come back, I am going to ask him nicely to stop bothering us. I'll even give him his $5 back, if that's what it takes.


  1. LOL! sorry you had to endure that, but it is kinda funny to read! Our yard sale wasn't as eventful, but didn't really reach our goal either. Not sure it's worth all the set-up and clean-up either...

  2. oh my! i mean seriously how rude of him! i did have to laugh though. :) this is exactly why i won't do a yard sale. i don't much patience with crazy people like that. :)

  3. Oh good grief. People are nuts, huh? I've had some crazy people at yard sales too - but your crowd takes the cake!! Can't wait to see your little Cinderella!!!

  4. Goodness gracious. You should have told that lady, "Yeah, I know times are tough that's why I'm trying to MAKE some money!"

    Glad you made your goal $$ though.

  5. OH my...I think you were WAY more patient than I would have been- I would have said pound salt after the first time!!!!

  6. i would have gone bizerk on his tail :) you have the patience of a saint!

  7. Good freaking Night!!! Dude. That is so annoying! I can not even believe he just sat there honking. What a creep!

  8. LOL this story was so funny! So sorry you got those annoying people at your sale. You know, they're out there, but you just don't want them at your house, right? LOL. However, it most feel good you got rid of all your junk and are now open to buy new stuff LOL! Just kidding. Glad yuo made your target and a little extra. Have a great rest of the week!

  9. HONK! How incredibly annoying. Hullo. Just keep honking. Sombody'll take care of you AT A FREAKING DRIVE THRU. That made me mad. Feelin' your pain.

  10. OK the whole time I am reading about these people Banjos are playing in my head. Twangy twangy banjos. And I am picturing missing teeth, and perhaps the Beverly Hillbillys truck.

    That is the greatest yard sale story EVER!!!!

    I'm glad the Em is getting her Cinderella costume. That is VERY important!

  11. Oh my gosh, that is funny! (sorry!) I'm sure it didn't seem funny at the time. But hey, now you have a good story to tell :) People are funny. I always love the people that haggle over a quarter. Get a life, it's a quarter!! lol

  12. All I have to say is OMG!
    Can we see pics of the costume?

  13. oh my!! that is quite the experience! i'm so sorry! we'll all send him $5 just keep away!!


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