Absorbed in Play

Oh my goodness, I think the pieces of this kit just flew out of the box and onto the page all by themselves.

Yes, it was nearly that easy to work with this beautiful Cornucopia kit. Hee hee

Friends, you're going to one to get this kit. It is truly FULL of stuff. There are things in here that make it extra special that you aren't going to be able to get anywhere else either... little special vintage items and lovely little tags that just make my vintage lovin' heart sigh with their cuteness.

(To see a list and pictures of the full kit contents, click here!)
I sanded bits of the fabric thickers to give them a more worn look, and then stitched them on with red embroidery thread. I made a small "flower" to poke out of behind this journaling spot- just cut an uneven circle and then cut strips into it... ink and pull the edges up some to give dimension.

(I was inspired by sketch #2 on Inspired Blueprints! I used it as a spring board and then made it fit my style.)


  1. love this- can't wait for my kit!!!

  2. AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! I love this layout!!!!!!!!! The pic of Em on the swing (I know you have been wanting to do the off center ones) is perfect! You are a scrapping genius.


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